The Migrant Women's Lobby Group of SA is a peak women's group in South Australia (SA) and since 1984 has canvassed the issues, needs and concerns of a range of migrant and refugee women in SA.

The Lobby Group has been active in raising, discussing and addressing issues which have
included how to access information services and agencies, women in the workforce, unemployment, health, education, domestic violence the legal system and childcare. The Lobby Group has women from all walks of life and has provided a voice for women from non-English Speaking Backgrounds in SA.

Over the years the MWLG has worked collaboratively with a number of government agencies and services and a range of ethnic organisations.

The MWLG has run activities for women from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds which promote:

Feedback from the many sessions highlight constant refrains:

Women from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds want to establish a dialogue with and participate actively and fully in, Australian society.

Women want to be active participants in a dynamic, inclusive, equitable and just society whilst accessing information on services and agencies which are tailored to their gender, cultures, religious and linguistic needs.

Women feel they have much to contribute to society and they want to speak out on issues of interest and concern to them.

Women know that they are the best equipped to advocate on their own behalf so that services are tailored to their needs and they want to be involved in passing on their languages, cultures, religions, traditions and aspirations to their grandchildren.

National Participation

Migrant Women's Lobby Group is the state based member organisation of Network of Immigrant and Refugee Women of Australia (NIRWA). Through our participation in NIRWA, the Lobby group has representation on the Leadership Team of Australian Immigrant and Refugee Women's Alliance (AIRWA). Which is one of the six National Women's Alliances.